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Chompo is the World's Hottest One-Eyed Dog!


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Chompo Head Shot

The Cutest One-Eyed Dog EVER!

My New Year's Resolutions
January 2nd 2005 9:07 pm

1) Exercise more.
2) Stop eating cat poop.
3) Start my novel.
4) Finish my nuclear toaster oven.
5) Move zombie cat army to the garage and clean them.
6) Visit and click on all the advertisements for fun.

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You're visiting the official fan site for the World's Cutest One-Eyed Dog! Everything you need to know about Chompo is here!

First, visit the Flash Animated Storybook™, Chompo's Lost Lunch. Action, adventure, unicorns, corruption, and a delicious sandwhich all compete for Chompo's attention in this "award-winning" tale.

Chompo was born of a fairie's kiss and sent to Earth to teach us a lesson in humility, justice, family, obsessive licking and how to properly retrieve a tennis ball from the toilet.

Who is Chompo? Is she a wet rat? A ravenous tapir? A lost space alien? A Secretary of State? An old dog found living under a station wagon and now being used shamelessly to pay off old debts? A self-aware furry 10 kiloton thermonuclear device? The Mystery of Chompo!

Chompo Stories - Chompo is a neigh-immortal dog with many stories to tell. Some are even illustrated, and animated. Chompo's Lost Lunch is a Flash Animated Storybook™ about a missing Sandwich. Read about the day Chompo Lost Her Eye - a true story on!

Photos! Stare at Chompo and pretend she's your dog with this gallery of semi-professional snapshots. Chompo's Photo Gallery

Chompo Writes - This dog loves to give other dogs and humans a piece of her mind. A few times a week she posts her missives in Ask Chompo - an Online Diary!

Movies! Chompo stars in quite a few award-winning short films. Want her to star in yours? Send her an e-mail! Video Gallery

Buy Chompo Stuff - Plaster Chompo's face over everything you own - and pay her for it. One-Eyed Dog Merchandise makes a great gift for any occasion! Chompo Shoppee

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