Chompo: The One-Eyed Dog

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Chompo is the World's Hottest One-Eyed Dog!


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Chompo Head Shot


Who is Chompo? Is she a wet rat? A ravenous tapir? A lost space alien? A Secretary of State? An old dog found living under a station wagon and now being used shamelessly to pay off old debts? A self-aware furry 10 kiloton thermonuclear device?

When Chompo hits the streets, everyone notices. She's strikingly ugly – so ugly she's cute. People stop in the street, their jaws drop, and they point. Then they ask stupid questions, like, "Was she born with one eye?" "Can she see out of it?" and "What happened to him?" (not realizing Chompo is female!)

Chompo is all over the internet. Chompo is a star of the stage and screen and appears in books and magazines. Chompo is more famous than you. And hairier. And probably has less teeth.

Born from the breath of a fairy thousands of years ago, Chompo turns up in people’s lives like a fallen angel, changing them forever. One day, a few years ago, Chompo crawled out from beneath a car and wormed her way into the hearts of all those who meet her like a hungry parasite. Here, for the first time, Chompo tells us her story and how she will save the world.

Chompo may be crippled by accidents, fights, and age, but she is still optimistic about life. Give her a tennis ball, a toilet and a basket full of snotty tissues and she'll have a party. Would you feel as good about yourself if you were a tiny fat lump of matted fur?

Chompo offers you a smile, a scratch, and a pat on her spotted belly. Follow the continuing saga of an old dog that turns your heart to petroleum jelly, and transforms your tears into liquid gold.

On this website you will explore who this Chompo is, and how she came to spread her universal message of love to Planet Earth.

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